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A smart & renewable home is crucial in the energy transition. For that transition you need an experienced & trustworthy partner. That’s where Soligo comes in!

How fast your solar investment returns in 2024

The payback period depends on:

Your Roof Orientation

A south-facing or shade-free flat roof offers the best conditions for solar panels, which ensures maximum efficiency. An East-West oriented roof is also good, because more power is used directly and a smaller inverter may suffice.


The bigger your installation, the faster you earn back your investment in most cases. More solar panels don't necessarily mean more capacity. Soligo always prefers a better placement than an extra solar panel.

Your Solar Installer

Comparing different installers is crucial in making the right decision. Be very mindful and don't compare only on price. Quality of the products and the expertise of the installers are crucial to a long lasting installation.

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Our Process.

Over the years, Soligo developed a bulletproof process to minimalise cost & maximalise profit for our clients.

In-home analysis

Our experts analyse your needs & your electricity installation in order to make up a custom quote.

Custom quote

After an in-home analysis, we provide you with our in-depth advice and a custom renewable offer.


Our engineers & technical experts will further analyse your home in order to provide the best energy solution placement.


Once our experts have analysed your home, we contact you to check which installation date fits best. Most installations are finished within the day, as some might take a couple days to finalise.

Activation & monitoring

Once the installation is complete & all is set, we activate your monitoring so you can easily follow-up on your yield and profits. 


In case something happens post-installation, you can always rely on our technical to solve your problems. In order to maximise profit, we suggest cleaning your Solar Panels once a year. We are more than happy to do so!

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