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Solar battery

A smart & renewable home is crucial in the energy transition. In order to have power all day and night, a solar home battery comes to the aid.

How does it work?

Most families are not at home during the day. This makes it difficult to achieve so-called ‘direct consumption’, which means using the solar generated energy immediately. A home battery gives the family the freedom to use generated energy when needed. With new technologies, our batteries can provide families of energy up to a week, depending on the capacity of the battery.

Make use of the Sun at night

Tesla Powerwall

With the Tesla Powerwall you can provide your home with daily electricity. With a capacity of 13.5 kWh it can easily supply the total electricity of an average family for another half day. Tesla’s Powerwall is very strong and durable, but it also comes at a high price. A Tesla is on average 1.7 times more expensive per kWh stored than an equivalent battery. Anyone who wants a Tesla home battery will also have to wait a long time. Their delivery time is currently unknown.

Our Process.

Over the years, Soligo developed a bulletproof process to minimalise cost & maximalise profit for our clients.

In-home analysis

Our experts analyse your needs & your electricity installation in order to make up a custom quote.

Custom quote

After an in-home analysis, we provide you with our in-depth advice and a custom renewable offer.


Our engineers & technical experts will further analyse your home in order to provide the best energy solution placement.


Once our experts have analysed your home, we contact you to check which installation date fits best. Most installations are finished within the day, as some might take a couple days to finalise.

Activation & monitoring

Once the installation is complete & all is set, we activate your monitoring so you can easily follow-up on your yield and profits. 


In case something happens post-installation, you can always rely on our technical to solve your problems. In order to maximise profit, we suggest cleaning your Solar Panels once a year. We are more than happy to do so!


Soligo offers premium service & products


Solar can be very complicated, Soligo simplifies as much as possible.

Full service

You can rely on Soligo for anything regarding Solar.

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